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2011 Winner (How-To)
Los Angeles Book Festival award

301 Smart Answers To Tough
Business Etiquette Questions

The new book from author and job hunting expert

Vicky Oliver - author and job hunting expert
Vicky Oliver
business etiquette book

Q: Should I friend my boss on Facebook?

Q: What are the top 3 mistakes Americans
___make while abroad?

Q: If I can't talk about sex, politics or religion, what
___AM I supposed to talk about?

Q: Spinach at a business dinner: dumb, dumber, or insane?

Q: Is it better to show up at an office party underdressed
___or overdressed?

Q: Is it okay to blow on my soup?

Q: Help! What is an elevator pitch?

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Vicky answers hundreds of
questions about meeting, eating, greeting, international business, LinkedIn and Twitter etiquette, office manners, protocol, women traveling alone, and unspoken business rules

“301 Smart Answers to Tough Business Etiquette Questions,” by Vicky Oliver

Here in plain language is the advice you need to make others feel comfortable and respected in just about any business situation, without making you seem at all weak or hesitant. Everything from e-mail to small talk to dining out is covered, along with tips for interviews and meetings.

- Kansas City Star


If you don’t want to
be roughly removed
by security on a
business trip overseas,
learn some customs of
the country before you arrive... in Vicky
Oliver's new book.

- L.I. Business News

National Best Books 2010 Award
for Best Business Careers Book
Best Books Award Winner - 2010
National Best Books 2010
(Business: Reference)
Best Books Award Finalist - 2010
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London Book Festival Award
London Book Festival
2010 Runner-Up (How-To)
LA Book Festival 2011
Honorable Mention (Business)

L A Book Festival 2011
Honorable Mention (How-To)
2011 Eric Hoffer Award
First Runner-Up (Business)
Paris Book Festival Award
SF Book Festival
San Francisco Book Festival 2011 Honorable Mention (Business)
Hollywood Book Festival award
Hollywood Book Festival 2011
Runner-Up (How-To)

Vicky Oliver makes
learning about
etiquette entertaining
while also being vastly
helpful to the millions
of working Joes and
Jills in her readership.

- US Review of Books

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