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."Bad Bosses, Crazy Coworkers & Other Office Idiots"

Thanks to reader Maggie, who informed me that we got a shoutout in today’s edition of the New York and Philadelphia Metros. The article, featuring an interview with Vicky Oliver (the author of
Bad Bosses, Crazy Coworkers & Other Office Idiots), gives practical tips on how to cope with evil bosses and credit-stealing coworkers.
I was hugely flattered that one of the tips on dealing with a boss who bullies you is to threaten him or her that you’re going to post your horror story on


Whether you’re having trouble working with "The Grumpy Martyr," "The Credit Snatcher," or "Mr. Mumble," Vicky Oliver's 201 tips for dealing with problematic inter-personal office relations will provide you valuable advice mixed with laugh out loud humor.

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Vicky Oliver's new book approaches office politics in a direct, focused and solutions-based way. This book is your survival manual for today's modern workplace. I was impressed by how many of the problem people the author captured, how clearly she presented the situation, and how sensible and realistic her solutions were. Vicky Oliver has your career travel guide for you as you try to cope, move on, and move up the professional ladder.
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Bad Bosses, Crazy Coworkers & Other Office Idiots: 201 Smart Ways to Handle The Toughest People Issues by Vicky Oliver author of 301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions offers strategies for conflict resolution.
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Recommended reading:
Bad Bosses, Crazy Coworkers & Other Office Idiots.
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Vicky Oliver is in my writing group. Her latest book is "Bad Bosses, Crazy Coworkers & Other Office Idiots." With schools increasingly being run (into the ground) by the same type of corporate mentality, some of this stuff might actually apply. But it is mostly directed at the greedy, corporate, capitalistic, chew-em-up and spit-em-out world. If you know someone foolish enough to venture into that world, get them a holiday gift.

-----Norm Scott
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Vicky Oliver can teach you 201 smart ways to handle the toughest people issues. It's the ultimate companion to dealing with every type of office issue, be it an exasperating coworker or a boss from hell.
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