Vicky Oliver
Vicky Oliver, advertising executive
Power Sales Words - Writing For Business and Advertising

Power Sales Words

The new book from author and advertising executive

And there was that
poor sucker Flaubert
rolling around on
his floor for three
days looking for the
right word.

-- Dorothy Parker
Put your copy on a
strict adjective diet.

-- Vicky Oliver
Power Sales Words,
by author and advertising executive, Vicky Oliver, teaches readers how to write powerfully and persuasively for business and advertising, including marketing, sales letters and advertising copywriting. The book contains lists of power words, and can be used as a business person's thesaurus.

Power Sales Words: How to Write it, Say it, and Sell it with Sizzle by Vicky Oliver explains how to compose attention-grabbing copy.

- Publishers' Weekly

New England Book Festival Award
New England Book Festival
2010 Runner-Up (How-To)

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